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Jocelyn Branham Earnest
Born in West Virginia
38 years
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You sis

Joce, I just wanted you to know that I miss you every day, I cry every day!  This week has been especially hard.  It was a year ago this week that we took our last trip together.  I was able to spend 7 days with you on our trip to Arkansas for Dad's birthday (which is today).  I remember every single moment from the scary convenience store we stopped at, the little BBQ shack we were almost brave to venture into, going to the zoo together and taking photos in the rain, the party, the fruitless diamond mine and digging for crystals all day when Dad had to remind us to drink water because we were so focused.  I love those times but it makes me sad too that we won't get to have the trip we planned to go back this year.  I love you so very much Joce!  Please continue to give me strength to face each day. 

I LOVE YOU!  @}---->----

Hi Joce!  I just wanted you to know how very much I miss you.  I have cried every single day and sometimes I just don't see how I am going to get through another day, then I think about the fact that I can't change the evil that has taken you from us but I pray every day that God holds you in his grace and continues to show his blessings.  Three months ago today, I got the horrible news.  The conversation still rings in my memory like it was yesterday.  I wish I could go back, just to see you, to hug you.  Mom told me last night that I was always distant with my affection.  I hope you didn't perceive it that way.  My hugs were "I'll see ya soon and I love ya" hugs.  If only I knew, the last time I hugged you, that I would never get the change again I would squeeze you so very tight and tell you how very much I love you!  Please Joce, be our guardian angel and guide us through this nightmare I am living.  You would be so proud of Em.  He has really been a great strength for me.  I will always have an emptiness where your physical presence was.  You never really know how much you treasure being able to talk to a loved one, see them, share with them until you no longer have the chance.  There are so many things I want to share with you, there were so many things left to experience together.  I miss my big sis and I love you so very much!
Gar Brandt
I pray that the family is being comforted by God's love and that you know that my family and many others continue to lift your family up in our daily prayers.  Be Strong - The Brandts, Forest, Virginia 
Laura :-)
Hey Joce!  I haven't been on here in a while.  Some days it is just so hard to do the things I HAVE to do.  I never imagined I could cry every single day for 79 days straight.  Ha Ha Ha... I know your inquisitive mind is operating like mine... pondering how that could biologically happen - wouldn't I be a shriveled raisin and also data calculation.  You were always so great at the numbers thing.  I really loved hearing the stories from your co-workers!   I have something in the works for Mom and Dad.  I know that their birthdays and Mother's Day and Father's Day will be extremely hard for them.  I thought about sending an extra card and signing your name.  I know they really treasured getting those (as I did mine) and I don't know how to "fix" them being sad.  I asked you lastnight if you were proud of me, if you felt like I was honoring you.  I hope so!  I am trying my hardest to be strong even when I want to crumble to my knees.  I know I told you before but I will always tell you about how proud I am of you.  You were the most wonderful woman I have ever known - personally and professionally.  You let your treasures out of the box simply to share them with others and to make a difference, not for self-recognition or pats on the back.  I pray that I can be 1/10 the person you were.  That was just the beginning.... I feel cheated out of seeing what a great Aunt you would be to my children, what a great caregiver you would be to our aging parents and how our relationship as sisters would be when we were 80 years old - lol!  Knowing us we'd still be yard saling, shopping at the Good Will and gem mining!  I love you Joce every single day!  That never waivers.  Sometimes the pain is easier to bear than others, but it never goes away.  Someone put it best to me - it is like a scab, the slightest bump and it can rip the wound open again.  (I know you think that analogy is gross!)  Ha Ha... I love you Joce and miss you so very much.  And I know, in my heart, that you are proud of me and miss me too because that is where I feel you now... in my heart!
Sean S. Murphy

My brother and I still cherish the memories of all the camping & canoeing trips we used to do with Bill, Laura & Jocelyn in Little Rock. Lots and lots of good times. Collecting firewood, swimming, canoeing, hiking, skipping stones, burned toast & runny eggs, setting up those huge canvas tents.


I remember being impressed & a little jealous of Jocelyn's remarkable ability to spot four leaf clovers and arrowheads. It seemed she could do it at a brisk pace. And for every rock I could get to skip 5 or 6 times, she'd get one to go a dozen long skips.


It was 10 years ago that I last saw Jocelyn. Laura had graciously invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her. Jocelyn, Laura & I went out to shoot pool & share a couple of beers.  It was good to see her and Laura & catch up with them a bit.


My condolenses to Laura and Bill on their deep loss.  You are both in my thoughts.

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