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Jocelyn Branham Earnest
Born in West Virginia
38 years
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Sheila in Houston My heart breaks for you June 14, 2014
My condolences to Joselyn's family, and especially her Mom. I saw the story on 48 hours. I always feel compelled when I watch these shows to follow up on the victims as well as the perpetrator. After finding your website dedicated to Jocelyn, and after reading through some of her Mom's painful entries, I wanted to send you my love and kind thoughts. Your daughter was obviously a wonderful person. I'm so sorry for your pain and loss. Just know that people do care, though they may be strangers to you. Love never dies, only the flesh. I'm sure her spirit is around you always. Pay attention to your dreams, as they are most likely Jocelyn's way of speaking to you. May you have peace of mind, and know that though life may be short, how it is lived is far more important than how long we are here. I am glad the killer is now permanently behind bars, where it belongs. I will not write its name here, as it does not deserve that attention from me, and cannot even call it an animal, as that would be an insult to all animals. It can no longer physically hurt another innocent person, thank goodness.

Rest in peace, Jocelyn.  
M ... just fond memories ... August 1, 2013
J, we got confirmation this week that all appeals have been denied, what a relief!

Its hard to imagine that we are approaching 6 years but your absence is still has heavy was it was on that day.  Its amazing to see how life moves on, folks are still engaged in their hetic schedules, kids still striving for the next big thing and those of us that were blessed with your presence are forced to proceed with our lives.  What we don't realize is that we are benefited with the impact you had on us.  Your strength, courage and love for life plays such an integral role in how we approach every day and the challenges it has for us.

I heard a song on the way to work this morning .. I beleive its the first Ive every heard it but you immediately came to mind and I thought, what perfect timing, Alan Jackson - Sissy's Song.

Just a quick note to say hey and tell you how much your missed.


marty park north middle school December 6, 2012
My condolences to Jocelyn's family, she was fun to be around and played a mean game of ball.
Chris Johnson My deepest sympathy January 7, 2012
I was profoundly affected by this story. I am astounded by the depth of Jocelyn's decent nature, brilliant mind and how her life was just going to finally start to be ok  for her. And then she was taken. Taken from a family that so clearly loved and understood what love looks like and how it should be. What a tribute you pay to her memory and how terribly sad this is what you are left with. 
I watched this on the 48 hours show and literally could not get it out of my mind. It is the most tragic and sad thing I have ever seen on television (I watched on my computer) and feel compelled to say to the family and friends of Jocelyn; I was touched by her life enormously and never met her. If everyone was like her, we'd all be living in heaven. People who create a world worth living in are rare, but it is clear Jocelyn and her family are such folks. I see your pure and beautiful hearts. I am so very sorry for your loss. 
M I Remembered My Dream October 13, 2011

I had a dream last night ...   It was a brief dream, but enough to remember its relevance.  I introduced Greg to Jocelyn, we laughed and shared a few current events regarding the boys and sports.  I guess that was obvious since she was such an athlete, something I know they both would have had in common.  I knew it was a dream, I remember studying her so much: what she was wearing, her laugh and her actions.  She was wearing one of her "several" live is good tshirts, one with a dog by a campfire, chocolate brown in color and a pair of jeans, and her loafers.  I remember showing her pictures of the boys, Amanda in her wedding dress and pictures of the dogs.  She smiled when she saw Bailey's picture.  Bailey looks like Rufus, Jocelyn's black lab.  Rufus stayed with me a brief moment but is living a life of luxury now with Bill.  Though I struggled with letting Rufus go, I knew Rufus had to be with Bill, Jocelyn would have wanted it that way. 

As I was wrapping up breakfast Bailey came into the kitchen, she laid her head in my lap and there was a moment that I remembered the dream.  Inspite of the chewed up items, the digging in the yard (especially the mulch, right after the landscaper left) I understand now why Bailey is with us.  Jocelyn loved the outdoors, trails, walks, playing in the water.  Bailey demands these of us and we give willingly; an opportunity to just be.

A blessing from our Angel, that left us holding her own set of wings.  

Lots of Love, M


M Happy Birthday October 13, 2011
Good Morning J ... today is a day I'll hold dear to my heart ... a day the world was blessed with your presence.  A day you became a sister, daugther and in years to come a friend several individuals will never forget.

Your absence, though as somber as it might be, is still hard to grasp.  There are times that I still want to pick up the phone and share a thought, a laugh and even a tear.  Last night, as I was driving home I drove by Pine Bluff ... the emptiness was more than I could bear and my tears were too many to hold back.

I miss you my friend and will never forget your smile or the glimmer in your eye.

With all my love,  M

...see you in my dreams ;)
Patricia Jones so sorry March 23, 2010

I found this beautiful page of your loved one, reading the article of the alful person that is accused of doing this to her, this man was in our school system, makes my skin crawl, But I just wanted to say to her family, I hope he gets what he deserved, she was a beautiful woman and life cut so short, my prayers are with you. God Bless.


M Merry Christmas J December 23, 2009

This time of year is overwhelming still and day to day activities are used to cover the pain of your absense.  Miss u.


I read a poem last night that someone sent to me in email.  I thought of you immediately ....  Merry Chistmas J,


If you look for Me at Christmas ...

you won't need a special star ...

I'm no longer just in Bethlehem

I'm right there where you are

You may not be aware of Me

amid the celebrations ...


You'll have to look beyond the stones

and all the decorations.

But if you take a moment

from your list of things to do

And listen to your heart, you'll find

I'm waiting there for you.


You're the one I want to be with,

you're the reason that I came,

And you'll find Me in the stillness

as I'm whispering your name.


Love Jesus.



Jennifer (McLaughlin) Holloway senseless... November 12, 2009
My condolences to Jocelyn's family.  I just today heard the terrible news.  I never knew her, only of her, during my years at HHS.  I will never understand why she had to die so senselessly.  I am sad for her family and those who knew her best and share the grief of this tragic event.  My prayers are with you all.
M Happy Birthday October 13, 2009
I love you J ... just remember, you will "Never Be Forgetten"
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