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Jocelyn Branham Earnest
Born in West Virginia
38 years
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Family Tree
Wendy Blake We Will Meet Again January 26, 2009

I just love this and hope it brings a little comfort to Jocelyn's friends, family and those closest to her:

You are gone.  I am still here.  We will meet again.

You are free from pain.  I bear the pain of your loss.  We will meet again.

Your memory surrounds me.  I cannot forget.  We will meet again.

Your body is a shell.  I am very present in this moment.  We will meet again.

You are standing before the throne of God.  I am walking through the rain.  We will meet again.

You are singing with a thousand thousand in a great Alleluia.  I hear my own voice next to an absent seat.  We will meet again.

You are seated at a great table hosted by the Lord of Lords.  I see an empty chair with no plate to set.  We will meet again.

You are living in the presence of the Final Reality.  I am indwelt by the presence of the Final Reality.  It is certain we will meet again.

You are learning at the feet of the Living Word.  I am learning from the Written Word.  It is certain we will meet again.

You are running through fields proclaiming His glory.  I am speeding through time declaring His gospel.  It is certain we will meet again.

You will hear the trumpet call.  I will hear the trumpet call.

Your old body will change.  I will see my body changed in the twinkling of an eye.

You will kneel at the feet of the Lord Jesus.  I will kneel at the feet of the Lord Jesus.  Great is our God, Worthy is His Name.

We will fall into each other’s arms. “And so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

Denise Jones ( Bartles) Remembering my friend January 24, 2009
I heard of your death, but had no idea the circumstances. I heard from Brenda the truth. Reconnecting with her I am sure was your doings. We were like the three musketeers at North Middle school. We had some great times and you truly were one of my best friends unconditionally. I can remember the movies we saw, eating pizza, having gym together. Nothing will be more precious than these memories. I can also remember the time the three of us found out we were going to seperate high schools. Brenda was lucky for she had you, I was alone on the journey. Your accomplishements were well deserved, your death a tradegy. Justice will come one way or another, and hopefully justice will prevail both in the court and in Gods hands. I know you are an angel watching over us all now, this gives me great comfort on a daily basis.  To your family, I never knew a more generous and great person. She love each of you very much and she treasured each of you. She spoke very highly of each of you. She truly was a wonderful woman. I am so sad that we lost touch like we did. May God bless us all for our memories and joyous times we shared with Jocelyn and may God give us justice for her death.
Katrina Nalley Heath It's been a while January 24, 2009
You know, I love getting in touch with old friends and new on Facebook.  I feel so nostalgic and silly sometimes looking back.  The last time I saw you Jocelyn was in eighth grade.  You were one of my heroes. I wanted to be just like you and Brenda.  I had the priviledge to play basketball with you for one year, even though you and Brenda truly did carry our team to victory.  After just recently getting in touch with Brenda, I found out what happened.  Although I haven't seen you in over 20 years...the kindness, wamth, and friendship you showed me during those tough middle school years was never forgotten and I find myself sitting here, tears running down my face.  I cry for the the tremendous loss of a truly angelic person.  
M Never Be Forgetten December 19, 2008

A year ago, we were together.  You were right there with me, as we had been for eachother over the past several months.  Its amazing how you helped me heal and grow everyday with your support, love and laughter. Its a year later and the burdens I once carried are not mine any longer and I can smile about it ... your right J, I laugh from within now when I think about the times we spent talking.  Well there is still a pain will stay with me forever, but its within.  I am so blessed with my friends and loved ones, but at times I find myself gazing at the group just wondering what it would be like if you could physically be there.  I know your with me, I feel you at times almost right next to me. 


I've been told that angels earn their wings after serving good deeds, I guess you were an exception ... they probably met you, wings in hand ... I can see you know with that sparkle in your eye.


The last few weeks have been hard, understandably as this day came upon us, but its ok ... because the memories are as strong as ever and the stars shine everynight and the dreams with you are as clear as I could every ask for.


I love you J ... just remember, you will "Never Be Forgetten"


I’ll always see your face
The corner of your smile
And all the little things that no one will ever know
Like it was yesterday, won’t ever fade away
Goodbye is just a word that I will never say

You will never be forgotten
A million days could pass us by
But what is time but just a dream
Oh I still feel you here with me
You’re more than a memory
Oh you will never be forgotten

I can‘t hold your hand
Or look into your eyes
And when I talk to you
It just echoes in my mind
But If hearts are made of dust
And if we fell from the stars
I look up tonight and know just where you are

You will never be forgotten
A million days could pass us by
But what is time but just a dream
Oh I still feel you here with me
You’re more than a memory
Oh you will never be forgotten

And the world just keeps on going
It has no way of knowing
That you’re gone

You will never be forgotten
A million days could pass us by
But what is time but just a dream
Oh I still feel you here with me
You’re more than a memory
Oh you will never be forgotten

Sis You are forever with me as I am with you! November 21, 2008

Don't Grieve

for I am still with you

Don't grieve my loss, I have not gone.
My body is beyond your reach, but my soul is touching yours.
I am the one who enters your dreams.
Caresses your face
Hugs you. Misses you.

I have not left, my spirit is with yours.
I am all around you when you call.
I am the gentle breeze when there is no wind.
I am in the photo on the wall when you blink in disbelief.
I am the song that enters your head
For no reason, yet it reminds you of us.

If you wonder if it's me
Or if you shed a tear thinking its not real.
Ask me, to tell you, something you don't know.
Or something you've forgotten from long ago.
My first whisper is the truth.
Think about it, find out about it,
And I'll prove it's me.

Don't grieve that I am gone.
I am with you, beside you, in you.
I will be as long as you need me.



Kathy Alia Thinking of you November 14, 2008

I had been thinking of Jocelyn lately and felt sad that we had fell out of touch, with family moves and life and all.  I was deeply shocked and very sad to find out what happen when I started to look for a way to contact Jocelyn.  My heartfelt prayers and every hope for peace for your family goes to you for the loss of Jocelyn.  My best memories of working at GE is the time when I got to work with her on a project.  She was always laughing and quick with a smile.  She is a tremendous loss for everyone that had the honor of knowing her.

you know who and you smell like one too October 17, 2008

You were certainly missed on your bday. I had chicken and broccoli at that chinese place in your honor. I ended up with a stupid fortune that made me lol because I know you would have agreed it was stupid. In true bday spirit I sang you happy birthday with the "and you smell like one too" verse because you're not here to give me a hard time about that anymore :).  I know you secretly loved it. haha

Anyway, I want you to know that you are missed and loved..all the time.

Sis HAPPY BIRTHDAY! October 13, 2008
Well Joce, I wished you a very happy birthday in so many ways today.  Mom and I enjoyed the day with some retail therapy at our favorite stopping ground - the Goodwill... man were there lots of wool sweaters I know you would love.  We lit candles - that was a comedy show in itself - with a birthday balloon for you.  Most importantly though we laughed, we cried, we remembered and we loved!  We will continue to do this for you forever!  You made such a positive impact on so many people's lives and you will live on forever in their hearts.  I said an extra special prayer for your friends today as I know you shared this day with them and I was lucky to see your appreciation of it.  I love you!  Happy Birthday Goshy!
Mom Happy Birthday October 13, 2008

I didn't have room enough on the candles so I needed to complete my talk with you.


Happy Birthday Jocelyn.  Sending you lots of love and remembering all the fun we've had together. 


Since we can't be together on your birthday it's important that I say how much you are missed.  And even though we can't be together to share this special time, you won't be far away. . .


You'll be here in so many hearts because you're loved so very much.  Love to my precious baby.  I remember that card you got me for one of my birthdays the green cat with the wide grin and big teeth.  HaHa I love and miss you all the time.


Love Forever,



M Your special day ... October 11, 2008

J, last year on this very weekend, the evening Saturday 10/13/07 we were all together celebrating your special day ... your birthday.  I was so excited that day, while you and Laura were at the Garlic Festival, I prepared baked ziti and goodies for your "In two years she'll be 40".  I look back now and so glad I have those memories.  All of us together, laughing and enjoying an evening with friends.


This is just one event of many in the upcoming weeks/months that is going to be difficult for me and others.  I have to stop at times ... because your absence is so strong, and remind myself that even though your not here physically with me that your spirit is with us guiding us as we seek the strength to face each day without you.


Monday will come soon, and I'll be too emotional to write, so ...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY J ... I'll have a candle burning for you in my dreams.



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